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The prices below are a guideline only.

I usually customise deliverables according to my clients’ needs and budgets.

All prices are in US Dollars. VAT may be chargeable to clients in Europe. 

Hover over each item for its description.

  • Preparation and research.

  • Up to 5 x 90 minute Zoom workshops for max 8 people.

  • Copywritten purpose, vision, mission and values statements you can use internally and in your marketing materials.

Purpose, vision, mission and values


$ 5,000

  • Research and preparation.

  • 3 x 90 minute workshops to explore what your brand’s name and tagline should communicate.

  • 5-10 brand names with associated taglines.

  • Domain availability, cultural and trademark checks. 

Name and



$ 5,000

  • This includes all the items in the rows above, except for Name & Tagline, at a discounted rate. 

Comprehensive brand and messaging strategy


$ 22,000

  • Competitive brand positioning analysis.

  • 1 x 90 minute workshop to present findings and discuss your brand's context. 

  • Copywritten positioning statement.

  • Recommendations to improve your brand positioning.

Competitor analysis and positioning


$ 2,000

  • 1 x 90 minute workshop to build your brand’s persona and its attributes, and explore how this translates into a brand voice for all your communications.

  • Brand voice guidelines document including tons of examples. 

Brand personality & voice + house style guidelines


$ 4,500

  • After writing your brand voice guidelines, I can teach whoever is writing your copy or representing your brand how to implement them.

  • Ideal for call centre staff and social media teams.

  • Includes Zoom workshops and personalised feedback. 

Brand voice training


From $225/hour

  • Identifying and writing personas for up to 4 target audience types.

  • Includes what they are looking for, what they may be resistant to, what their key needs are, and more.

Target audience personas


$ 2,500

  • Develop a key message that captures your brand's essence. 

  • Messaging architecture is key message x unique selling points x functional & emotional benefits for each audience persona. 

PREREQUISITES: Purpose etc., functional benefits etc., ​audience personas.

Key message & messaging architecture


$ 4,500

  • Identifying and describing your brand's  practical benefits and emotional impacts. 

  • Identifying your points of differentiation and why customers would truly choose you over an alternative

PREREQUISITE: Purpose, vision, mission and values.

Functional & emotional benefits + differentiators


$ 5,000

  • A short (max 400 word) story describing the origin of your brand and what it stands for.


A really good brand story requires your purpose, vision, mission, values, differentiators and key message to be defined first.

Brand story


$ 1,500

  • Often my clients ask me to review how they’re doing with implementing their brand strategy.

  • We can set up check-ins monthly, quarterly, or on an ad hoc basis related to business milestones, campaigns, etc.

Messaging and brand strategy coaching


From $155/hour

  • After writing your messaging and brand strategy, I can help with foundational, evergreen copy like your website, company profile and case studies. 

  • I write in both UK and US English.

  • I do not write copy for blogs, emails and social media. 

Copywriting of fundamental materials


From $95/hour


“Jo did an outstanding job coming up with a new name for our product - a financial services software suite.


Not only was the name en pointe, but she made the whole process so easy and enjoyable. She's a real gem."

Objective Virtual Media (agency) for Chelmer (client), NZ


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