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Messaging matters. 

Too often I see companies that are doing clever things being held back by confusing, inconsistent or inward-focused messages. Messages that their audiences just don’t understand.

That's where I come in.

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​Hello! I'm Jo. I’m a messaging and brand strategist, and copywriter. 


I work with businesses, brands and individuals to create rock solid, clear foundations for their communications. This starts with their purpose, mission, vision and values.

If you’re in a complex, jargon-filled industry in particular (hey, SaaS companies!), it’s easy to alienate or intimidate potential customers who don’t have your level of knowledge. Communicating simply and effectively is hard.

Then we develop strategic, simple and clear messaging about the impacts their products and services have on the world.


Impact-based messages are more relatable and engaging to the people who will benefit from them the most. Everyone wins.

I take my work and reputation very seriously. I'll say ‘no’ if I’m not a good fit.


100% integrity and a commitment to acting in your best interests is guaranteed, even if it means gently challenging you.

I can help you... 

  • Organise your thoughts about your brand

  • Crystallise your purpose, vision, mission and values

  • Reveal insights about what makes your brand exceptional

  • Identify your true differentiators

  • Clarify your positioning vs. competitors

  • Articulate your offering simply and effectively

  • Define your brand’s personality and voice

  • Create the right messages for your audiences

  • Get clear direction for future communications

  • Save time and money in the long run

  • Use messaging strategy to build a consistent, trustworthy brand.


Importantly, all of this will align with and support your business goals.

The work we’ll do together has broader impacts beyond your brand and communications.


It will bring value to your business strategy, operations, hiring, and other areas too. You can expect wide-reaching and long-lasting benefits, and a solid return on your investment.


“Rarely do things exceed my expectations, but this was money well spent. Jo was an amazing partner on this project.


She expertly facilitated conversations and articulated our sentiments in a way that allowed us to make progress without imposing her own voice into the message.”, USA

Strategy, web copy, case studies and more

My process

Over the last 15 years, I’ve developed a very effective methodology that gets to the core of what my clients offer.


It’s a fun, engaging and participatory process involving research, online workshops, exercises and a little homework for you.


Behind the scenes, I do a lot of analysis and strategic thinking, based on sound models and frameworks.  



Purpose, vision, mission and values


Brand story


Key message and messaging architecture


Brand personality and voice


Competitor analysis and positioning


Brand voice training


Target audience and personas


Messaging and brand strategy coaching

Each of the elements above will be customised for you. Some include final copy that you can use in your marketing communications. You can choose to do one element at a time, or hire me to develop a comprehensive messaging and brand strategy.

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“If you are doing some kind of marketing without truly understanding the fundamentals of your brand, you are wasting your time, and if you do not hire Jo to help you, you are losing money.


She will challenge your current thoughts and will help you to discover more insights and unique selling points you weren’t aware of.”

SEGUI, Spain

Purpose, vision, mission and values

What you can expect from working with me

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping companies all over the world communicate impactfully about the clever things they offer, to the people who will benefit most from them.


Here’s how I do this…



Beautifully simple but effective messaging needs organisation, clarity and streamlining. These just happen to be my superpowers. I cut out anything unnecessary to get to the good stuff.

Fired up

I get excited about my clients’ businesses and the work we do together!


I bring encouragement, enthusiasm and positivity to all projects, along with a fresh perspective on what you offer.

Deep dives

Before we get started, I'll learn as much as I can about your business and your goals.

I pay attention, ask loads of questions, and make an effort to deliver quality work to achieve a great outcome for you.

Constantly curious

I’m always open to learning, new information, ideas, change, being wrong, and refining my processes.


Every client teaches me something that I can use to improve what I do next time around.

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