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My science degree with double majors in Environmental Science and Economics isn’t hugely relevant to what I do now, but did teach me how to think critically and assimilate a lot of information quickly.


I worked for advertising, communications, creative and digital agencies in London and Cape Town for a decade, before starting my own business in 2006.


I ran South Africa’s first and then-largest portfolio directory of freelancers, Freelancentral, for 12 years, and a small outsourced marketing agency, Peppermint Source, in parallel.

Running businesses meant I had less time to do what I love, so I closed both in 2018 to focus on messaging and brand strategy, and copywriting.


On talent platform Upwork I have Top Rated and Expert Vetted status, and a 100% job satisfaction score. I’m based in Portugal and work with clients all over the world.

Jo Duxbury Upwork profile
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