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What kinds of clients I bring most value to

Am I right for you and your business? Find out below. 

Business stages and sizes

Early growth stage

These are businesses that have achieved some traction already. Maybe you have around 8-40 employees and have realised that after bootstrapping for some time, it’s time to do some ‘grown up’ brand work.

Preparing for a first round of funding

I can help you define your brand fundamentals (purpose, vision, mission and values) and positioning, which will help you create a compelling pitch to investors.


My clients tend to skew towards tech (I speak fluent SaaS) but I’ve worked with companies in a huge range of industries. As long as what you do is improving the world in some way, I’m interested. My process can be applied to any industry.


This work is most effective when it’s done with the founders and/or management team. We cover fundamentals that they absolutely should be a part of.

Just received funding

You now have new responsibilities to your investors. Let’s figure out what this means for your company's goals, and for your branding and messaging strategy going forward.

Solo entrepreneurs starting or gearing up 

Whether your existing venture is about to begin a new chapter, or you're looking to launch for the first time, I can help you get your branding and messaging fundamentals right, or simply be an external, objective sounding board. 

Experiencing or preparing for change

Perhaps your company is pivoting to a new opportunity, taking stock after a growth spurt, or adapting to new market contexts and needs (like a global pandemic!).

Creative, marketing and digital agencies

Don't have a messaging and brand strategist in-house? Give me a call! I am often brought in to complement an agency's creative team. Let's collaborate for a brilliant outcome for your clients.


“Jo has blown us away - she has delivered well beyond what we had originally hoped for. Our firm now has a clear direction and branding/messaging strategy that will help unify our team and accomplish our goals.


Jo is creative, responsive, very fun to work with and very talented in articulating a brand in simple language.”

Glass Jacobson Financial Group, USA

Strategy, brand voice coaching, editing

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